First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures

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Focus on the satisfaction that the BMW can provide rather than its exterior appearance.

At the moment, BMW has two distinct EV strategies: one uses flexible platforms to produce electrified versions of gas models that are normally powered by gas, like the i4 and the new i7, and another makes dedicated electric vehicles, like the iX SUV. We're confident that even if we hadn't told you that, you would have noticed some differences between the iX and other electrified BMWs currently available for purchase; The i4 and i7 have a lot in common with the 4 Series Gran Coupe and 7 Series sedans. The iX? We didn't miss you staring, did we?

With its bulbous profile, slab sides, and Terminator, the iX may appear odd: Rise of the Beaver Teeth front end, its lineup follows standard BMW practice and offers saucy performance in the iX xDrive50 format, as well as even more in the iX M60 M Performance version. The M60's increase from 516 hp and 564 lb-ft to 532 hp (611 in Sport mode) and 749 lb-ft is due to a reworked rear-drive motor with a longer stator and rotor and double the amperage compared to the M50.


It's a quick thing

Satisfying handling

Stunning interior



Your eyes think "minivan"

It's not exactly svelte

Touchscreen is a reach


We've already tested the iX xDrive50, so we're here to tell you that the more powerful M60 delivers even more BMW-appropriate performance and feel—seriously, stop staring at the iX!

Three Tons of German Love We could do that thing where we look at the performance figures for the iX M60 and point out how its acceleration times are faster than those of lighter, more focused sports cars. For starters, it is faster to 60 mph than the 503-horsepower, nearly 2,300-pound-lighter BMW M3 Competition. Of course, it is; electric vehicles are good at out-drag-racing gas-only vehicles. The iX M60 makes excellent use of its instantly available torque despite weighing just shy of three tons.

Once you get past the quarter-mile and 0-60 mph times, the iX's data starts to look more like average. Even with 21-inch summer tires, our test model hung on for only 0.86 g on the skidpad and needed 120 feet to stop from 60 mph. There is no avoiding the offender: the substantial mass of the iX. It's hard to find a direct comparison for the iX; It is smaller and less powerful than a Tesla Model X Plaid, but it is larger than the slower Audi E-Tron EV SUV. In terms of size and general performance, the gas-fed BMW X5 M is closest.

Therefore, it is positive that the iX outperforms ultimate objective test results in terms of driver satisfaction for its white space and agility despite its size. There are a few factors at play here: First, the 111.5-kWh battery, which has a usable capacity of 106.3 kWh, is mounted low in the body, under the floor, and pulls the vehicle's center of gravity toward the pavement. Additionally, the M60 is fitted with a clever rear-wheel-steering feature by BMW. When taken together, these give the tall, bulky iX an unexpected eagerness to change course. BMW takes full advantage of the electric iX's EV layout by standardizing the M50 model's adaptive shocks and air springs, tuning both for faster responses. The light, quick steering also helps, and its variable ratio feels more natural than you might expect. The anti-roll bars, on the other hand, are 20 percent stiffer in the rear and 10 percent stiffer in the front compared to the M50. The iX is actually fun to drive if you read between the lines of the M60's acceptable handling figures. The M60's neutrality is certainly helped by that stiffer rear anti-roll bar; You can drift this electric luxury SUV all day long if you press the accelerator. Soccer practice runs won't be dull because it truly feels like a taller, more powerful M3 Competition.

On electric vehicles equipped with regenerative braking, brake feel is consistent and reassuring, a common complaint. The mechanical brakes, which, with the exception of tuning, are shared with the iX M50 model, will not be able to tell you where the computers transfer decelerative duties from the motors' regenerative function to the mechanical brakes.

Is M-Brace Strange?

We questioned the M60's suitability for even BMW's entry-level M Performance badge in our first drive story. Even though our test results aren't great, they don't really change our previous conclusion: that driving it is surprising enjoyable for an electric SUV. In addition, it does not make any significant concessions in its pursuit of Ultimate Driving Machinations. Even in Sport and Sport Plus drive modes, the iX has a comfortable ride, is very spacious, and is incredibly quiet. We really liked the zoomy sounds made by Hans Zimmer that you can set to play whenever you press the accelerator. It is interesting, if not as thrilling as listening to one of BMW's inline-sixes or V-8s because it makes you feel as though you are revving an alien orchestra.

As if the carbon-fiber sections of the vehicle's body structure that are visible in the door jambs weren't enough, the rest of the cabin is just offbeat enough to show how different this vehicle is. We adored the window and bumper trim in "Titanium Bronze," which cost $500; same goes for the metal trim inside, which is the same color, as well as the glass iDrive knob and buttons on the center console of the $1,150 Luxury package, which are integrated into the wood trim around them. Sharp graphics, a row of menu tiles that are somewhat finicky and can be swiped from left to right, voice controls, and some gesture response are all on offer on BMW's expanding dual curved displays, which float on thin stanchions above the dashboard.

The iX M60's appealing blend of handling, power, and luxury attracts premium pricing from BMW. Our less-equipped test model cost $109,945, while the more expensive iX starts at $106,095. Despite this, a Tesla Model X Plaid costs just over $140,000 to buy. It's up to you whether you need the 333 miles of range and Tesla's Supercharger network or can live with the mediocre build quality. The EPA estimates that the iX M60 has a range of 288 miles and can charge fairly quickly at rates of up to 250 kW. Furthermore, its construction is exceptional. As with any vehicle, you can't see what it looks like from behind the wheel, so that's something to keep in mind.


 First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures  First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures  First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures  First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures  First Test of the 2023 BMW iX M60: Drives Better Than It Looks and Measures
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