The EV tuners who dare to dream will love the Lexus RZ Sport concept.

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The RZ Sport Concept is the kind of electric car concept we want to see more of. It has aggressive aero, dual rear wings, and tuning that is inspired by motorsports.

The RZ Sport Concept, Lexus's wildest electric vehicle concept, was on display over the weekend at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. What began as a standard Lexus RZ 450e quickly evolved into a celebration of wings, vents, and scoops. The Lexus RZ Sport Concept is not an electric vehicle for an autonomous future; rather, it is an electric vehicle for those who dare to imagine a more exciting future.

The self-driving, ultra-aerodynamic Lexus RZ Sport Concept is not your typical pebble-smooth electric vehicle. Simply take a look at it. It wasn't made to calm you down; rather, it was made to thrill you and get your heart rate up. It has two rear wings, massive hood scoops, flared fenders, a wider wheel track, vents in the front fenders, and flared fenders. I love that approach—two rear wings are better than one, but one is cool.

However, in typical Lexus fashion, the RZ Sport Concept's elegant white paint is called "Hakugin," and it shimmers delicately in certain lighting. The bright blue and black accents and carbon fiber aero are in stark contrast to the elegant white paint. It is both elegant and exuberant at the same time.

The RZ Sport Concept is based on the RZ 450e production car but uses dual 150 kilowatt (201 horsepower) electric motors underneath its wild appearance. However, under Masahiro Sasaki's direction, the vehicle's suspension, chassis, and interior have been improved. As a result, its suspension is 35 millimeters lower, it has bigger wheels and tires, obviously aggressive aero, and full racing bucket seats in the front and back.

The RZ Concept, according to Lexus, is designed to investigate the electric car's "joy of performance and customization." Whether Lexus will make this crazy idea into a real car (maybe a Lexus RZ F?) is unknown. However, it does appear that Lexus is pondering the possibility of providing electric road cars with additional performance customization options. In any case, it's encouraging to see Lexus experiment with its RZ and transform what would normally be a rather uninteresting electric crossover into a wild concept car inspired by motorsports.

 The EV tuners who dare to dream will love the Lexus RZ Sport concept.  The EV tuners who dare to dream will love the Lexus RZ Sport concept.
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