The majority of "Mercedes-Benz" coupes and wagons will be discontinued.

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In an effort to increase both its share of the market and its profit margins, Stuttgart will drastically reduce the scope of its offerings.

Mercedes-Benz presented its most recent long-term strategic plan in May 2022. It calls for radically reshaping its extensive product portfolio in order to move even further upmarket and increase profitability. Although the automaker did not provide a comprehensive explanation of how it intended to do so at the time, we now have a much clearer idea of which models will be eliminated and what new models to anticipate.

We questioned a number of senior managers in Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen regarding their beliefs regarding the uncertain or nonexistent future of wagons, coupes, and convertibles. It seems to be related to the brand's new definition of luxury. Mercedes plans to tailor its future products to ease the burden on the driver, prepare them for extended personalized mobility services, and redefine creature comfort as a key brand value. Although the new model mix contains fewer emotionally charged products, it may increase profits. From what we've seen, only 14 of Mercedes' 33 body styles will survive between Europe and the United States.

A senior member of Mercedes-Benz's strategy team told, "At the end of the day, we simply don't need estate cars [wagons] or underperforming two-door offerings to boost volumes." Space and time are the most crucial components of sustainable modern luxury automobiles. That is our top priority, not a new fancy body style, a model that only works in Europe, or one more attempt to revive a dying market.

Between the years 2023 and 2024, there will be no more C-class and E-class coupes or convertibles. Instead, there will be two two-door CLE-class models. SUVs and sedans that look like coupes are also not long for this world. The sharper AMG GT 4 Door will follow the CLS-class out of production in 2024 or 2025. In the coming years, new GLE and GLC Coupe generations will be released, but their lineages will also end.

Saying goodbye to some favourite models

After 2028, the C-class wagon will no longer be sold in Europe. The next-generation E-class, which will produce the automaker's final wagon at the end of its production run in 2030, will be revealed later this year. The brand's final model (in Europe) will be the next-generation CLA-class, which will debut in 2025 and use the MMA electric platform.

However, there are still some intriguing vehicles in the works. The new GT coupe from Mercedes-AMG will be released later this year; It will be based on the current SL roadster, which will add a new Maybach model to its lineup. A new four-door coupe, a next-generation SL with more cargo and rear-seat space, and an electric AMG GT coupe will all be available in 2026. In addition, a hefty SUV of the GLG class will be built on the MMA platform in 2026, which is related to electric vehicles.

We can anticipate more capacious batteries (up to 150.0 kWh), power outputs in the quadruple digits, and maximum ranges pushing toward the 500-mile mark on the European WLTP cycle as this new group enters the spotlight.

Due to a greater reliance on 800-volt electrical systems, maximum charging speeds should also increase to 270 kilowatts.

AMG Getting More Attention

We can anticipate a greater focus on Maybach and AMG models going forward because Mercedes-Benz's more exclusive areas will be prioritized. In fact, there is even talk of an ultra-ritzy V-class van. However, the OEM's brand-new Mythos collection of extremely pricey collectibles will produce the wildest creations. A Gullwing reincarnation, a four-door G-class pickup truck, and a racy SL-based speedster are just a few of the very intriguing ideas presented here.

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