The new Mercedes EQB 350 AMG Line is an eco-friendly drive built for speed

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This completely electric SUV is smaller, yet strong in execution.

As more electric vehicle brands are entering the neighborhood market as of late, electric vehicles (EV) are turning out to be more well known in Singapore.

Electric vehicle brands like Tesla and Polestar have sent off their petroleum free models in Singapore, and Mercedes has gotten the conflict together with their new EV discharges. The Mercedes-EQ family — the brand's electric vehicle subunit — as of late sent off the EQB, a completely electric variant of the famous GLB SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in Singapore.

A zero-carbon vehicle, the EQB 350 AMG Line is the brand's second all-electric model sent off here. It is likewise the sole seven-seater in the minimal SUV portion in Singapore, with up to 1,620 liters of boot space, as per the Mercedes-Benz Singapore.

The EQB is also the first Mercedes model that can be reserved online through the brand's reservation system.

Daimler South East Asia/Mercedes-Benz Singapore President and Chief Claudius Steinhoff says, " The EQB is crucial to our ever-expanding Mercedes-EQ lineup because it continues to set the standard by providing customers with extravagance and proficiency."

In terms of driving, the Mercedes EQB 350 AMG Line appears suddenly. The vehicle boasts a maximum force of 520 Nm and a maximum speed of 160 km/h, completing a century run in 6.2 seconds.

The 4MATIC will be useful for individuals seeking strength while driving in Singapore's wet climate. The brand's all-wheel drive system, which is only available on the EQB 350 AMG Line, ensures dependability and firm footing in any terrain.

Plan-wise, the EQB has a rough, energetic exterior with shocking new rosé gold trim. The front air curtains give the car a lively appearance and help the car's streamlined features by reducing wind resistance.

The dashboard of the vehicle holds a significant portion of the MBUX mixed media screen. You are able to select from a vast array of show options on the informative infotainment screen, including vehicle control settings and GPS route options. If you like to redo your car, you can change the interior strip lighting. There are more than 60 different color options to choose from.

The pre-section environment control setting of the vehicle is a clever feature in bright Singapore. It basically lets you turn on the cooling system in the interior of your car without actually being in it. After a day of scorching heat, you'll be able to enjoy the comfort of your completely cool car when you get in.

 The new Mercedes EQB 350 AMG Line is an eco-friendly drive built for speed  The new Mercedes EQB 350 AMG Line is an eco-friendly drive built for speed
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